Minglewood Distilling Co.

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Mark Morrison

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The Minglewood Distilling Company is located in a historic ice house in downtown Wooster, Ohio. The building originally housed our namesake, the Minglewood Coal and Ice Company; which operated from the 1880’s until the 1950’s and delivered coal and blocks of ice to homes in Wooster.

Mark Morrison

Today the Minglewood building houses a somewhat different business. Operated by Mark Morrison and his son, Andy Morrison, the distillery is putting to use the abundance of locally grown, high-quality grain and has resurrected a long Wayne County tradition of producing Rye Whisky. Mark’s talents and passion transformed Minglewood from an old ice plant into a modern craft distillery and tasting room.

Just like its namesake, The Minglewood Distilling Company strives to be “a model of its kind.” Minglewood takes great pride in crafting high-quality spirits and sourcing ingredients from Wayne County’s rich local farmland and our hard-working neighbors.