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A native-born Canadian, Nancy Franck moved to Wooster, Ohio in 2003. Always interested in studying new ideas and techniques, Nancy attended a Christmas ornament workshop. The instructions were to pour three colors of paint into a clear glass ball and let the paint drain into a paper cup, resulting in a beautifully-colored ornament. While the ornament was pretty, it was the leftover paint in the cup that was intriguing. In December 2010, N.E.wear (pronounced anywhere) was born.

  N.E.wear jewelry focuses on re-use and keeping discarded materials out of the landfill. A Christmas ornament prompted the use of acrylic paint skins, then finding dragonfly wings in the garden introduced entirely new elements of nature ~ insect wings, flower petals, and leaves. Inspired by a bracelet her son made, Nancy began seeking out scrap bicycle spokes to create timeless and indestructible pieces. Everything she is interested in supplies her with materials for her very unique lines of jewelry. A musician herself, recycled guitar strings was a natural. Nancy also makes reusable market bags from t-shirts and vases using upcycled light bulbs.  The latest addition to the N.E.wear brand is Kumihimo (Japanese braid) using a variety of thread and cord, and most recently memory jewelry using horsetail.

“N.E.wear is all about creating a piece that’s unique to the wearer ~ sharing the creative experience is the best. We put our heads together and design the perfect piece of jewelry and then….  we both make it. That’s what makes N.E.wear a truly unexpected experience in the world of jewelry making!”