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Jamie Inks

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We love Wooster, and we love making chocolate!

Our focus at Wooster Chocolate Company is the actual chocolate itself. We are a bean-to-bar boutique factory, with a fun, but cozy seating area where you can sit and enjoy our rich, delicious drinking chocolate (a treat you have to experience to understand).

What is bean-to-bar chocolate? It is chocolate made from scratch. We process whole cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and unrefined cane sugar into our pure dark chocolate bars and our drinking chocolate. Because our chocolate is so pure, you can taste the nuances in the beans from each origin in our family of chocolate bars!

What is a boutique factory? A boutique factory is a small-batch specialty factory. Our pure bars and drinking chocolate are our primary focus, and we have a select offering of fresh creations daily.

Our inspiration was a bean-to-bar chocolatier in Cambridge, Massachusetts that had the most delicious, creamy, magical drinking chocolate. We had a dream to bring a similar type and quality of chocolate to our chosen hometown of Wooster, Ohio.

We started making our chocolate in June 2016 in our home laboratory, selling at Local Roots in Wooster and Ashland. This summer, we were presented with an opportunity for a space that was opening up downtown. We scrambled (and sacrificed) to jump right in and open as quickly as possible, with a temporarily limited selection.

We are currently selling our chocolate as quickly as we can make it! We are working to build up our chocolate production, as it was limited during the move. As that happens, we plan to add a wider array of confections, gift boxes, and other delightful surprises! Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see daily specials, and updates on our offerings

MORE INFO: We add other pure ingredients to create our specialty bars and confections, such as the organic, gluten-free crispy brown rice in the Jinxi Bar, or the natural orange flavor in the Chocolate Stars. There is no dairy, soy, or gluten in any of our chocolate or confections. Even our milk chocolate is made with rich coconut milk. Dairy allergy sufferers (and vegans) are often quite excited when they realize how delicious our coconut “milk” chocolate products are!