Streetscape Art Contest

2020 Streetscape Art Tile Project Rendering
2020 Streetscape Art Tile Project Rendering

This Streetscape Art Contest is a chance to make your mark in downtown Wooster! The City of Wooster's South Market Streetscape project will include up to 60 custom art tiles installed on the front of the seat walls. Whose artwork will be displayed? Maybe yours!

Winning artwork will be scanned onto 12" x 12" tiles in full color. Sponsorships are available and sponsorship recognition tiles will be installed on the end caps of the seat walls. 


Complete Contest Rules

Theme: Life in Wooster

This is a broad concept – a piece qualifies as long as people won’t scratch their heads and say “What on earth does this have to do with Wooster?”
Examples: Native plants, native animals, local sports teams, industry, civic groups, arts, culture, landmarks.

Mood: Uplifting

Examples: beautiful imagery, a positive family scene, cooperative effort.

Color Palette: Earth Tones

No Neon or fluorescent colors. Each piece or series of pieces will be printed with a 1/2" sepia border to visually separate it from adjacent art.


Option 1) Digital art 300 dpi at actual size (12" x 12") saved as eps/jpg/tif

Option 2) Two-dimensional art capable of being transported off-site to be scanned and sized to 12" x 12".

How to submit:

Click HERE for information on art submissions.

If you would like to submit a physical piece of art to the contest, please call ahead to schedule a time and include the application HERE.

Deadline for submissions:

July 1, 2020. 

Winning submissions:

Winners will be notified of their selection by July 22, 2020.*

*We had such an overwhelming response that we're finding it more difficult than we anticipated to narrow it down to the 60 images that will be installed in our Streetscape projects. We hope to announce the winners within the next week, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

NOTE - approximately half of the winning submissions will be installed in the southeast quadrant (completion in 2020) while the rest will be installed in the southwest quadrant (completion in 2021).

Winning submissions will be displayed at the Wayne Center for the Arts during an exhibit that will be scheduled after restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

"Americans are highly engaged in the arts and believe more strongly than ever that the arts promote personal well-being …" You can demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of our community by sponsoring the public art project in this Streetscape.

The City of Wooster and Artfind Tile are helping us facilitate this public art project, but we need your sponsorship to help to fund the creation and installation of the tiles. Contact Main Street Wooster or the Wayne Center for the Arts to sponsor this Streetscape art. Sponsors will be recognized with prominently displayed tiles installed on the end caps of the seat walls. All sponsorship tiles will be printed in sepia tones for consistent, pleasing visuals.

Streetscape Art Tile Project Pricing

Name & logo sponsorships:

Whole tile: (12” x 12” space): $3,000
Half tile: (12” x 6” space): $1,800
Quarter tile: (6” x 6” space): $1,000

Name listing only sponsorships:

1/16 tile: (6” x 1.5” space): $250


Please contact us for further information.